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We are a digital design and development studio.

At Uppercut, we believe that great work should be visually exciting, highly functional and measurable to your business goals. Our process and specialized expertise can help you realize the potential of your ideas.

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The first phase aims to establish a shared understanding of the user and the problem the product will be designed to solve. Through a series of collaborative exercises, we will create a prototype for user testing to validate the direction.

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The second phase takes the validated product direction to a releasable MVP. Prioritized features are designed and developed in a series of focused two-week sprints. New products are typically ready to launch in four to six weeks, while iterations of existing features are released bi-weekly. The sooner a product is on the market, the sooner it can be improved upon.

Learn & Iterate

Once a product is in the hands of the users, the learning and iteration cycle begins. We look at additional user testing and real-time analytics data of the product to re-evaluate and discuss performance. We discuss the costs and benefits of feature iterations and weigh them against the value of adding new features. We can help you choose what to build in the next sprint.

Team Skills


Consumer behaviors and attitudes constantly change. We can help you gain insight into your target audience to build a strategic and actionable plan. Our focus is to help you develop an effective, robust and beautiful product with the least amount of investment.

Collaborative Working Process

We can help you go from an idea to a solid concept that will make sense to the users and investors you’re trying to attract. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or an enterprise, we’ll help you prioritize so you can make the most of the budget you have.

From experience, we know development isn’t always a straight path which is why we prefer an agile, collaborative process. After a project goes live we don’t simply walk away — we can provide knowledge transfer and team training.