03_Fairgoods_Stampede_2015We all know user validation and feedback are important for all application and web projects, but what happens when you create a bunch of Jerk Balloons and send them off into the eCommerce webasphere?

Earlier this year, our online store, Fairgoods, was approached to be part of a special Etsy Marketplace at the 2015 Calgary Stampede. Since we love the Etsy brand, we didn’t take much convincing.

The opportunity gave us 10 days to create awareness, and most importantly to interact face to face with existing, new and future customers to get feedback, ideas and genuine validation in what products people love, covet, must-buy and what they only like to look at.

What we’ve learned:

There is a serious market for irony out there! Our Ultimate Guide to the Stampede bandana (that will help you navigate around the spit zones,  screaming children and lip-synching tweens) is a big hit, as are our pretty, one-of-a-kind floral patterned and hand-screened Blood, Sweat & Tears hankies.


People love jerks and our Jerk Balloons.

We now have Jerk, Jerk II, Work, LukewarmLittle Jerk & Summer Party balloons. Most importantly, young or old, everyone seems to love balloons in general, and can’t get enough of them. We’ve had some great suggestions from customers for new sets and we’ve watched them gleefully buy and present “I break stuff” and “I love tolerating you” balloons to their friends, significant others, and children.

Baby stuff sells.

The Hangry bib and the Little Jerk Balloons (designed for gentle-shaming of your rambunctious toddler) will be making an appearance at many a baby shower near you.

The Stampede Market Place has also been a great great event for media publicity. We’ve been on Global and CTV news, in the Calgary Herald and the Metro.


It has also given the Uppercut team an opportunity to hear invaluable first-hand feedback and see genuine reactions to the Fairgoods products.

So here’s a big thanks to Etsy and the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

(We’re glad our booth is inside though… out of the sun and the intermittent hail storms!)

For all of our products, visit the Fairgoods store.