Not too long ago, there was a lot of media attention around a particular app. We won’t name the app because (we’re cool people and) the buzz surrounding it was negative. Why we’re talking about this app is because we were asked to quote on the project way back when.

When the idea got pitched to us, we noticed some glaring flaws that could lead to significant problems regarding personal privacy and content ownership. We highly suggested modifications to the idea but to no avail. We’re glad that in the end, we didn’t pursue the opportunity because our instincts were right. When this app finally got in front of the public, they crucified it for those reasons.

Sometimes, no is the right thing to say.

Even when barriers get discovered, there are often alternate solutions to explore but in this case, the client didn’t want to change anything and believed the idea would find success. It goes without saying, it’s great to have confidence and perseverance but don’t be foolish in thinking that if you simply “build it, they will come.”

Creating and launching a new app can be a big challenge, but from our experience, it’s often a very exciting and rewarding experience. Understand the process and be open to the advice was given by an experienced team. Like with any new product development, be ready to pivot if the feedback is indicating to do so.

Be brave and ask difficult questions.

We acknowledge that our clients have a wealth of knowledge and experience about their companies, but clients are not always right which means we will challenge assumptions and play devil’s advocate along the way. In fact, to only be agreeable would be a disservice to our clients. Like any expert, we’re hired to help bring a different perspective, industry knowledge, technical information, and identify new opportunities. We are here to help steer clients in the right direction and not waste money, time and effort. The same goes for a client looking for an agency.

Do some research before getting into the app design and development phase – know the competition, identify ways the app can be different, who are the users and how will they use it, create a plan for testing and gather LOTS of feedback from users.

Be selective.

We want new business, but we are selective because building meaningful projects, is what we strive for at Uppercut. We have learned from the past that we should take on projects with clients who are a cultural fit and excited to explore every opportunity along the way, and to never, never do it just for the money.

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