About Us

We want to make people's lives better through design and development. 

Uppercut is a Calgary-based digital product design and development studio. Our highly experienced team and broad skill sets mean we offer beautiful user-centric design, custom website and mobile application development, and planning and strategy to help your product stand out.

Working together

Whether you’re a startup or a large company looking for a solution to help you make a difference in what you do, we want to work with you! We are a very collaborative team and have extensive experience in the digital product space.

Our lean structure and highly consultative approach allow us to be flexible and responsive. We like to see projects move along iteratively, so all parties know what to expect.

Entrepreneurs, we get you!

Are you passionate about developing ideas and bringing them to market? We share the same passion and we also try to launch our own ventures. With that in mind, we can honestly say we have experienced both the positives and negatives in trying to start something new and we can relate to what you’re trying to do.

We’re also proud when one of our ventures is doing great. Check out BoldFaced, an online store of beautiful goods made with beautiful type. BoldFaced is run by a dedicated team.

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